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Welcome to Hotel Clauria

Set in the far southern corner of Sri Lanka, with a spectacular view of the famous foot hills of ‘Wedasiti Kanda’ Weda Siti Kanda, Hotel Clauria Kataragama, promises its guests a calm and peaceful experience with majesty of a sunrise painted across the hills. The close proximity of the hotel to the popular Yala national park places you within a few steps of nature’s abundance. The surrounding lush greenery unravels a splendid opportunity to explore the tropical atmosphere of Sri Lanka. The luxurious individual chalets of Hotel Clauria Kataragama, guarantees privacy and safety that makes this one of Sri Lanka’s best destinations for business and leisure. We welcome you to come enjoy an unforgettable experience. You will find your own true piece of heaven. We wish you "Ayubowan" to the luxury of Hotel Clauria Kataragama.

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